Accident Reconstruction New Feature – Animations

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About While working hard on updating and creating the Accident Reconstruction Calculator 3, I realized instead of just displaying formulas and their results for Traffic Crash Reconstruction, it had to do something different than what most mobile calculator applications do, especially on mobile devices. Due to the fact I am using the Unity engine which contains physics, animations, and environments, … Read More

Accident Reconstruction Calculator 3 Update

Dev MikeMobile Application

Accident Reconstruction Calculator 3 Screenshot

Well after taking some time off (a long time) and being very busy with work, I have finally found a new spark to finally work on this project, and have been chipping away at the program finally. I am now about halfway complete and in the meantime, am looking for some input on what features the end users would like. … Read More

Accident Reconstruction Calculator Update

Dev MikeMobile Application

Accident Reconstruction Calculator Critical Speed Yaw

So over the past several months, due to scheduling and just overall busyness, I have just failed to make any updates to the Accident Reconstruction Calculator 3 Android / iOS application. I also felt there was truly no interest in the application anymore. As many of you know, I am unable to update the current version in the Google Play … Read More

Winter Environment 3D

Dev MikeScene

Winer Environment 3D

This is a 3D scene using Unity 3D and Blender where the environment is covered with snow, in a winter type of environment. There is physics applied where you can hear and watch the trees move with the wind. There is sound with the wind and nature while you watch. There are four camera views which you can view and … Read More

Minecraft Starting Village & Spawner Seed

Dev MikeMinecraft

As many of you know, I love playing Minecraft, amongst many other games. In continuing with searching for the best seeds, I located one with the village is a couple of chunks nearby. Along with the village, I located a Skeleton Spawner nerby. The seed and coordinates are listed below. Seed -3852424903890234723 Coordinates Village: -184, 24 Skeleton Spawner: -295, 23, … Read More

A New Adventure

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Dev Mike Freelance Developer Tampa Bay Florida

The New Adventure Welcome to Dev Mike. This new website is a culmination of several years of hard work, but most importantly my many programmatic and creative adventures involving Web Design, Online Databases, Mobile & Desktop Applications, Graphic Design, Photoshop, Video Production, and much more. The problem was I worked under the company “MK Web Design“, which really focused on … Read More