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Skeleton FPS (First Person Shooter) Environment is a lush interactive environment where you are spawned in a village, with roaming skeletons which will attack you on sight. The character is armed with magical spells, to destroy the enemies. Collect coins and points to stay alive in the world. Beta version.




Skeleton FPS Environment began as another typical environment project of mine, where you could walk around the environment, and interact with it, with proximity sounds of the ocean, birds, and other environmental elements. The environment is on an island. While developing the environment, the first person character became a magical first person character, shooting magical spells as I learned and experimented with partial effects within Unity 3D. Realizing the character had nothing to shoot at, then came the skeletons. The skeleton model was rigged as a 3D model and customized via Blender 3D. Once the enemy skeleton was imported into the game, AI (artificial intelligence) was programmatically included to detect and attack the player in the game. AI leveling and health stats was included but is still pending full implementation, so the enemy skeleton are level 1, and very easy. Once the enemy dies, it will detect if the player needs health potions, or coins if the player’s health is full. Mana has not been implemented at this point but in planned in a future update. A few chests were placed sporadically in the scene for coin collection. Some of the features of the game include: Proximity Sounds, Particle Effects, First Person Shooter Environment, Progression of Daytime & Nighttime, both rainy and snowing seasons, and more.


– Unity 3D
– Blender 3D
– Adobe Photoshop - MS Visual Studio (C#)

Dev Mike.

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