Accident Reconstruction New Feature – Animations

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While working hard on updating and creating the Accident Reconstruction Calculator 3, I realized instead of just displaying formulas and their results for Traffic Crash Reconstruction, it had to do something different than what most mobile calculator applications do, especially on mobile devices. Due to the fact I am using the Unity engine which contains physics, animations, and environments, it hit me that animating the formula results for at least the most common traffic crash formulas would be a nice finishing touch. The best thing is that the animations produced are not just simple animations by telling a 3d vehicle to move but within the environment, the vehicle and environment are using actual speeds, times, distances, and gravity. So if the vehicle is traveling at a longer distance, the vehicle will travel a longer distance. If the formula results in a faster speed, then the vehicle will travel faster. If the vehicle travels for a longer time, then the vehicle will travel for a longer time (real-time).

See below for screen captures and two video examples via Youtube. I am hoping to include animations for braking, acceleration, and momentum / vectors in the future. Want to know more about new features and updates to the Accident Reconstruction Calculator 3, subscribe to my YouTube Channel, Facebook page, or RSS via this website.

Screen Captures

Video Captures