Accident Reconstruction Calculator 3 Update

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Well after taking some time off (a long time) and being very busy with work, I have finally found a new spark to finally work on this project, and have been chipping away at the program finally. I am now about halfway complete and in the meantime, am looking for some input on what features the end users would like. I have received a lot of input and suggestions including the saving of the results locally to the device, the addition of many more formulas, and interactivity to the application. The main request I have received has been the development of the Accident Reconstruction Calculator for different platforms. The program is still currently being developed for Android-primarily, but the environment which is currently being used to develop the program allows cross-platform compatibility and it is my intention to make the application available on Android, iOS, and Windows.

Interested in providing input on some of the features of the Accident Reconstruction Calculator 3, complete the Contact Form on the site.

Also, as with the development of the program and subsequent beta release, I am looking for beta testers for the Android version. The beta version of the ARC program won’t be for a while (about 6 months or so) but I am compiling a list of people who might be interested. Complete the form below to sign up for the potential beta test of the Accident Reconstruction Calculator 3 for Android. Be sure to read our Privacy Policy regarding the data you provide on our forms (we don’t sell or give away anything), and the games/applications made by Dev Mike. To join the Beta test, you must use an email address directly associated with a Google account, as that is how the Beta test is managed and offered.