Dev Mike Freelance Developer Tampa Bay Florida Dev Mike Technical Evangelist
A developer of all things digital, Tampa Bay Florida
Dev mike Skeleton FPS Environment Skeleton FPS Environment Beautiful environment with a first person shooter, skeleton
enemies, rewards, and effects.
Dev Mike Landscapes Fly Through Environment A browser & windows based camera fly through forest environment VIEW NOW Dev Mike Galaxy Space Shooter Galaxy Space Shooter A simple browser based vertical space shooter game VIEW NOW Dev Mike Accident Reconstruction Calculator 3 Accident Reconstruction Calculator A mobile crash reconstruction calculator for Android (Windows & iOS coming soon) VIEW NOW

Dev (Developer) Mike
A developer of graphics, 3d modeling, games, environments, websites, databases, and mobile applications.

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For over 20 years, Dev Mike has been developing software, web applications, and databases. With the explosion of mobile computing, Dev Mike has been developing for mobile for over 10 years. Check out some of my old and new projects below, most for free.

Fly Through Forest.

Fly Through Forrest is an automated camera fly through forest environment, support for both Web Browsers and Windows. Simply load the environment, kick back, and watch the fly through the lush forest with several trees, bushes, and more.

Galaxy Space Shooter.

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Accident Reconstruction Calculator 3.

Being in Law Enforcement as a Traffic Homicide Investigator, this mobile and desktop application is for traffic crash investigators specifically to use on scene, for quick calculations involving speeds, distance, and other crash formulas involving traffic crashes. Coming soon.

Skeleton FPS Environment.

Skeleton FPS Environment is a playable environment & First Person Shooter. There are evil skeletons that attack you, with two types of projectile magical weapons, and health potions, coins, and unlockable chests. The environment comes complete with a day / night system, season system, and rain / snow probability based on the season and time of day.

Dev Mike Works for You.

Dev Mike has been creating and building websites, databases, graphics, motion pictures, mobile applications, and games for decades. Dev Mike uses the most current technologies to establish efficiently, and maintaining low cost projects for customers. Looking to hire an independent freelance developer, contact me now.

Cloud Database
Online Asset Tracking

Online tracking of your assets, business equipment, software licensing, and other equipment in the cloud, with automated notifications, check in / out system, & equipment reservation system. Featuring unlimited fields, photos, manuals, and bar codes. This is customized to every business with user management & customized reports for the managed equipment.

Web Design & Hosting
MK Web Design

MK Web Design is an older company of Dev Mike, that creates & designs cleans & user-friendly websites, using the best practices in website design. Over the years, MK Web Design has grown to a point, where we are only accepting referred customers.

Online Asset Tracking

Online Asset Tracking is a simple online web application, supported on all devices including mobile, which tracks user & business equipment, with notifications, services logs, checking in/out system, advanced searches, and more.