WebGL Demo Updated – Accident Reconstruction Calculator 3

Dev MikeMobile Application

I have been working hard on the Accident Reconstruction Calculator 3 with the completion and addition of Crash Information, Distance, Acceleration & Deceleration, Time, Airborne, Pedestrian, and Momentum / Energy formulas / calculations. The Save & Load feature / mechanism has been implemented on all calculations where you can save / load results of up to 5 slots, for each calculation. The Animation feature had been enabled and implemented on only Constant / Average Speed, Distance, and Time calculations, as I am still developing and working on the true physics of acceleration and deceleration of objects in the game engine. There is still a lot to implement and polish as you can see when you try the updated Browser-Based WebGL demo. I appreciated all of the contacts regarding this project and I know it has been a slow process, but everything is customized from scratch, including all graphics, models, and programming. I have posted some screenshots below and the link for the online WebGL demo is below.