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So over the past several months, due to scheduling and just overall busyness, I have just failed to make any updates to the Accident Reconstruction Calculator 3 Android / iOS application. I also felt there was truly no interest in the application anymore. As many of you know, I am unable to update the current version in the Google Play Store due to a corrupt Keystore and build incompatibilities. I have received notice the API version of the current application on Google Play is old and the application will be removed eventually.

Over the same amount of time, I have received many contacts inquiring about Accident Reconstruction Calculator Application, updates, and any possible release dates. There was a lot of positive communications regarding the old application and the two biggest requests were to have more formulas / features, and to keep the price low as other mobile and desktop versions are very overpriced.

That being said, there has been a renewed sense of enjoyment knowing there are people out there that still use and want an updated application. So I have been chipping away at the Accident Reconstruction Calculator 3 and recent additions are:

  • Localized reports right on your device (No more emailing reports)
  • Asthetically pleasing layouts and animations of buttons and input fields
  • Addition of customizatble colors and backgrounds of the application
  • Addition of more pedestrian, distance, and crush formulas / calculations
  • Localized vehicle specifications (No online connection required)
  • Results save system where results can be saved to slots / vehicle numbers, for later recall and report usage

As I ramp up the time I am giving to this project, I am asking users to provide any input or suggestions by using my contact page. To the users who have contacted me, even though there has not been a response from me, just know I appreciate your contact and have taken them to heart. My goal is to have this application released for Android within the next year, and for iOS / Windows within the next year and a half. There will also be a beta test available via Google Play in the next six months or so, keep an eye out. Thanks for your support and encouragement.