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Winter Environment was created with Unity 3D and Blender and was an attempt to make a winter snow environment. The Windows version comes with ambient sound and animated birds on the main scene.




Winter Environment began as another environment project of mine, but with a winter twist. Added snow cover to the ground, trees, and other items in the scene. The main scene contains bird animation that touches and go and perches on some of the objects. Relaxing ambient sounds were added to the scene including birds chirping. One of the main goals of this scene was to add physical to the environment to make the trees move with the wind. Some of the features of the scene include: Proximity Sounds. Due to the use of High Definition Rendering Pipeline using Unity 3D, the project is only available for Windows.


– Unity 3D
– Blender 3D
– Adobe Photoshop
- MS Visual Studio (C#)

Dev Mike.

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