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Accident Reconstruction Calculator 3

What's Happening
Testing, Features, and More

Progress & Workflow

The Accident Reconstruction Calculator for Android is entering its testing phase. There are still many features we are working on. See below for the progress of upcoming features, the design workflow, and fixes being worked on.

Bug Tracking

We are currently tracking bugs and fixes with the Accident Reconstruction Calculator 3. Internal Testers will submit bugs or issues, which will be tracked below.

Internal Test

The Accident Reconstruction Calculator 3 is about to enter into the Alpha Internal Test phase for Android devices. The Internal Test will be using Google Play. The Internal Test will involve volunteers who would like to use the Accident Reconstruction Calculator 3 free of charge, to test its functionality, and accuracy, and provide input on problems and what you would like to see implemented with the application. Interested in joining the upcoming Google Play Internal Test? Complete the form below to be considered for involvement in the Alpha Internal Test.

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