Accident Reconstruction Calc 3 Internal Test Is Now Live

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Accident Reconstruction Calculator 3 Android Internal Test Release

This Internal / Closed Beta test of the Accident Reconstruction Calculator 3 is now available and is now live on Google Play. Testing of the upcoming Accident Reconstruction Calculator 3 (ARC3) Android application is currently exclusive to Android, with an iOS version anticipated at the end of the year. The ARC3 application has been released for internal testing via Google Play, and only those who have been selected will have access to the internal closed beta test.

If you have not done so and would like to participate in the internal/closed beta test of the ARC3 application for Android, please complete the request form below. Your Google Play email address is required to access, install, and participate in the internal/closed beta test. The application can be viewed and installed via the below link while using your Android mobile device, once your Google Play email address has been added to the official testers list.

Accident Reconstruction Calculator 3 Internal Test Download / Install – Google Play (use a mobile device)

Current known application bugs and upcoming feature implementations can be viewed by visiting the official ARC3 website below:

Accident Reconstruction Calculator 3 Bugs, To Do’s, and Upcoming New Features

Feel free to submit any problems, bugs, or feature requests to the online form provided for review, which can also be submitted via the application by tapping the “Report Bug” link in the bottom right footer of the application:

Accident Reconstruction Calculator 3 Bug & new Feature Submission Form

Accident Reconstruction Calculator 3 Internal / Closed Beta Test Access Request Form

As a part of the process, we ask that testers actively participate in the closed testing of the ARC3 application by providing feedback, more frequently than not. If there are any questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to contact me via the Contact Form.