Fly Through Forest Environment 3D


Fly Through Environment 3D is a 3D game environment which contains lush forestry, bushes, plants, and ground cover. The fly through camera takes you through the world on a virtual tour of the created landscape, created by Dev Mke.




Fly Through Forest Environment 3D is a project to show and present a custom environment built by Dev Mike. The environment was built using Blender 3D, and the Unity 3D game engine. The environment is a simple camera fly through camera where you sit back, and simply enjoy the view of the forest environment created by Dev Mike. The environment can be viewed with any common desktop web browser, or downloaded to your Windows laptop / desktop, to and view enjoyed. The web browser version lacks sound due to WebGL incompatibilities, and the Windows download has beautiful background music, along with the beautiful view of the naturalistic forest environment.


– Unity 3D
– Blender 3D
– Adobe Photoshop

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